IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/31/20)

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Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page vs. Eddie Edwards

Alexander forces Edwards into the corner. Edwards lays in a few chops. Alexander responds with a few chops of his own. Edwards catches Alexander with an inverted atomic drop. Suplex by Edwards. Alexander and Edwards fight outside the ring. Alexander sends Edwards into the barricade. Alexander tosses Edwards back into the ring. Edwards and Alexander trade strikes. Edwards gives Alexander a shot of caffeine. Edwards sets up the backpack stunner but Alexander counters it with a spinout powerbomb. Another strike exchange between Edwards and Alexander leads to Edwards blasting Alexander with machinegun chops. Edwards hits the Tiger Driver but Alexander kicks out. After a distraction from Page, Alexander rolls up Edwards for the win.

Winner- Josh Alexander

After the match, The North beats down Edwards. Tessa Blanchard hits the ring to make the save.

Backstage, Alexander tells Page that they are the best because they just beat one of the best singles competitors in the company. Page is mad that Tessa Blanchard got involved. Page challenges Blanchard to a match tonight.

Kylie Rae vs. Cassandra Golden

Golden attacks Rae from behind before the bell rings. Golden misses a splash in the corner. Rae hits the Kylie special but Golden kicks out. Rae lands a corner senton. Rae misses a superkick. Rae puts Golden in an STF/Crossface combo. Golden taps out.

Winner- Kylie Rae

Backstage, Kylie Rae announces she signed a long term wrestling contract with IMPACT. She is very excited…

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