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Reported Amount WWE Is Losing Due To COVID-19, Canvas 2 Canvas: Cena

Reported Amount WWE Is Losing Due To COVID-19

The Wrestling Observer recently reported on how much WWE is expecting to lose due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This includes money lost from not having live events, moving WrestleMania to the PC, and possible not having the option to hold a Saudi Arabia show later this year.

WWE having to relocate WrestleMania 36 to an empty arena is reportedly expected to cost the company between $15-17 million of revenue based off ticket sales and merchandise sales. The other estimates made are that WWE will be losing almost $300 million in revenue and $40 million in operating income if they are forced to cancel all live events for the remainder of 2020. WWE not being able to hold non-televised live events are also putting a damper on things.

Lastly, if WWE is forced to cancel upcoming Saudi Arabia events this year, they would be missing out on a large amount of revenue.

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WWE Canvas 2 Canvas: John Cena

WWE Artist Rob Schamberger is back at work this week for his newest canvas painting and WWE has published another episode of canvas 2 canvas.

The feature of this week’s artwork is John Cena. Check out the video below.

The Champ is… wait, where is he? Artist Rob Schamberger pays homage to The Leader of the Cenation and his “U Can’t C Me” catchphrase with a brand-new portrait that leaves John Cena… missing?