Jerry Lawler
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Jerry Lawler Takes Flight ‘On His Time’ To Orlando For Live RAW Taping, WWE’s New Tee For ‘Biggest Fan’ At WrestelMania

Jerry Lawler Takes Flight To Orlando For Live RAW Taping

Matters change within minutes at WWE and Jerry Lawler is in transit to Orlando. The King shared a photo of himself on the flight down to Florida as he prepares to make his return to WWE RAW for the live taping tonight. Despite the circumstances, there is a silver lining that the sparsity among people flying fortunately makes itself tailored to Lawler’s schedule.

“Not many people flying today! I called the airline and said, ‘What time does your flight to Orlando leave?’ They said, ‘What time can you be here?’ #LiveRawTonight

WWE announced Lawler for a RAW return last week despite the pandemic concern of it’s effect on the older age group. Lawler’s longtime partner in crime Jim Ross is scheduled to announce the AEW World Championship match between Jon Moxley and Jaker Hager this week on Dynamite, but it seems likely that Ross will be doing his commentary from a separate location than in the arena as it was the only match he was announced to call.

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WWE’s New Tee For ‘Biggest Fan’ At WrestleMania

WWE hasn’t been afraid of leaning in to their readjustment of plans when it comes to WrestleMania being relocated in front of zero fans, with the exception of one that is. The company released a new tee on their website showcasing that lucky “fan” who happened to get a bird’s eye view of the “Showcase of the Immortals.”