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WWE Stars Appear In Official Coronavirus PSA, Highspots Airing ‘I’m With Spud’ Marathon On Twitch

WWE Stars Appear In Official Coronavirus PSA

Current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre appears alongside Charlotte Flair and Kofi Kingston in this government-sponsored PSA promoting safety tips during the Coronavirus pandemic. Notably, the ad doesn’t recommend staying at home, which is something WWE as an organization would be hypocritical to advocate despite its stars’ opinions on the matter. Even so, it’s always good to have celebrities people know advocating for common sense in times of crisis.

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Highspots Airing ‘I’m With Spud’ Marathon On Twitch

Highspots,  the fine proprietors of PWG Blu-Rays and Kayfabe Commentaries, has recently started up a Twitch channel. Today, they’re broadcasting a marathon of I’m With Spud, Drake Maverick’s pre-WWE talk show. The channel also put out some of their other programming over the weekend (I quite enjoyed an episode of Back To The Territories), so it’s a great bookmark to have if you’re ever out of YouTube videos and still suffering from boredom.

Help Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus

Wrestlezone recommends all readers comply with CDC guidelines and remain as isolated as possible during this urgent time. Visit the Centers for Disease Control at CDC.gov or the World Health Organization at Who.int for the latest information on the coronavirus and learn what you can do to stop the spread.