the undertaker
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Undertaker Partakes In The All In Challenge, Dares Post Malone & Jesse James

The All in Challenge is currently taking the nation by storm, and even one of WWE’s most legendary superstars is getting in on it in an effort to help raise money for the many people affected by the COVID-19 outbreak currently sweeping through the world.

For those unaware, the All in Challenge is a global fundraiser effort that will see a ton of major celebrities offer up once-in-a-lifetime experiences that fans can win via auction. All of the money gathered will be donated to a handful of charities, most of which aim to help feed children and other people currently struggling to buy food for themselves.

Taking to Instagram, Undertaker accepted the challenge, offering fans a chance to bid on a dinner and a “one-of-a-kind gift” from the man himself. People interested in bidding on the prize can head to the page for it, with bidding starting at $2,500 and the auction itself lasting 10 days. Undertaker also challenged Post Malone and welder Jesse James to join in on the challenge as well.

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