Scotty Davis Talks Scrappermania 6 Cancellation, NXT UK, And Facing Jushin Liger

Over The Top Wrestling’s Scotty Davis recently spoke to Post Wrestling, where he spoke on a handful of topics, including the cancellation of Scrappermania 6, NXT UK, and facing Jushin Liger in the ring.

Check out some of the highlights below (transcription via Post Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson):

On Scrappermania 6 getting cancelled:

Yeah, Scrappermania is always the highlight of my year, pretty much — like of my wrestling year. Last year, I got to wrestle Jushin Thunder Liger there, but I was so looking forward to this match because me and Omari have so much chemistry and I feel like there was a really good build going into it and people weren’t really sure which way it was gonna go and there was a lot of excitement going into our match and seeing people online saying our match was the match they were looking forward to the most. So I was dieting, like mad. I was going to the gym twice a day and my conditioning was through the roof. I was probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in-in my life and then, three days before the event, I get the call being like — it was the government that issued no events over 500 people and all that, and my heart was sunk.


I see a lot of people in NXT UK, obviously a lot of people who I’m friends with who I’m super happy to see them get the platform to perform in front of. Some swim and some sink. I feel like a lot of people have benefited from it and there’s the few who haven’t. But, I feel… I don’t know. I’m not promoter so I don’t know business-wise. I’m seeing a lot of people do very well from it. Some people who were struggling to find themselves, weren’t really sure who their wrestling character was yet and then they go in and they’re getting advice from the likes of Shawn Michaels and all that and they’re catching on and you can see the progress on NXT UK.

On facing Jushin Liger:

Yeah, it was madness. I still think he’s the greatest Junior Heavyweight of all-time, and leading up to it, it was just wild and I was like, ‘This is happening, this is happening. This is wild,’ and then when I met him, he was one of the nicest people I had met in wrestling and yeah, he was just so nice and I was just so chill because of how nice he was and it wasn’t really sinking in. I was super buzzed and I was mad hyped going out there. It was one of my favorite entrances I’ve ever done as well. The whole stadium was buzzing, but it only kicked in when his iconic music played and I’m standing there in the ring and he’s making his entrance and I’m like, ‘Oh f*ck, this is happening.

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