Jim Ross
Photo Credit: Thomas Tischio / AEW

Jim Ross Wants The Revival To Sign With AEW, Talks Chris Jericho’s Commentary Skills

Bleacher Report recently spoke to WWE Hall of Famer and current All Elite Wrestling commentator Jim Ross. He discussed The Revival, Chris Jericho’s skill and commentary in AEW.

Check out highlights below:

On The Revival being released:

They’re one of my favorite teams, and they’re certainly a combination I’ve enjoyed watching. They’re pro wrestling guys. I don’t know what The Revival’s plans are, I don’t know what their no-compete clause looks like, but if you’re going to get your release and you have a no-compete, now’s not a bad time with everything being so crazy. I hope that when we get back to normal and if those gentlemen are interested that they will give us consideration for their next stop.

On Chris Jericho filling in on commentary:

I thought he and Tony Schiavone were really entertaining. Wrestling fans like new and they like different, but they also like consistency and stability. Chris Jericho is one of the most talented guys in a variety of ways I’ve ever worked with in my entire career that started in 1974.

The commentary dynamic in AEW:

All three of us get along and don’t have agendas. We’re team players, we like working with each other. You can tell by our broadcast that we’re having fun and that we’re not being dominated by overproducing or [someone] telling us what to say. We’re creating our own content, and I love that.

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