Jon Moxley
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Jon Moxley: ‘I Would Rather Work At McDonald’s Than Be A Producer At WWE’

In an appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio yesterday, current AEW Champion Jon Moxley took a break from promoting his title match with Jake Haeger on Dynamite to discuss what he’ll be doing when he hangs up his boots. While he said he’d be happy to be a producer, he made it clear that he wouldn’t do that in WWE.

If I couldn’t wrestle right now, I think maybe I’d try to be a producer, a coach or a trainer, something like that. Be involved in some way, which I would never say — I would never be a producer in WWE. I would rather work at McDonald’s than be a producer at WWE. You talk about a thankless job? Dude, or be on the creative team at WWE? I would rather [do any job] in the Summer heat than be a member of the creative team at WWE.

Moxley continued that he wouldn’t be retiring anytime soon, saying that 2020 was the prime of his career. He was ready to have a year of highs, but sometimes life doesn’t always work out. “Two weeks after you become world champion, the whole business goes to fast food hell. That’s not ideal but who could’ve predicted this. I’m the top one percent of fortunate people in this scenario right now. There’s people losing their jobs and don’t know where they’re gonna work and people are sick and stuff. It’s just — my heart goes out to all those people.”

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