kacy cantazaro
Photo by Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Team Ninja Assembles Again In NXT, Raw After WrestleMania Surprises (Video)

Team Ninja Assembles Again In NXT

The NXT roster is full of talented individuals, more than can appear even on two branded television shows a week. One of those that hasn’t found a regular slot on TV as of yet is Kacy Catanzaro. Behind the scenes, she’s formed “Team Ninja” with fellow athletically inclined Superstar Kayden Carter, and the WWE Performance Center YouTube channel documented their in-ring action at NXT Fan Appreciation Night:

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Raw After WrestleMania Surprises

For some fans, it wasn’t the muted WrestleMania that was the biggest bummer this year, it was the lack of a true RAW after WrestleMania. For almost a decade, this has been one of the most surprising days on the WWE calendar, with new angles, big returns, and huge debuts. WWE Supercut goes back throughout history to present some of the most memorable of these moments, as well as a few from before the episode truly cemented its identity.