WWE WrestleMania 37

Site Of WrestleMania 37 Delaying Grand Opening Past July

SoFi Stadium, the stadium where WrestleMania will hopefully go Hollywood again next year, is not opening on schedule. Originally set to begin operations with a Taylor Swift concert in July, officials have announced that they’re putting off that concert until sometime in 2021.

Along with our general contractor, Turner Aecom Hunt, and our sports and entertainment partners, we will continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation and remain focused on having a safe and healthy environment for all. Now and when we open, when we come out of this, we know that SoFi Stadium won’t just host events but will also create lasting memories for the friends and families that attend them.

WWE has not spoken on if this delay changes their WrestleMania plans for next year, and it’s likely too far in the future to really know what will happen for sure. With most of California bunkering down for the long haul, it could be a longshot even if the rest of the country opens its doors well before 2021.

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