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Former WCW Announcer Joe Pedicino Passes Away At 70

Former WCW announcer and Global Wrestling Federation founder Joe Pedicino has passed away at the age of 70. Late last year, Pedicino suffered a stroke and had been bed-ridden. He was well-known in the southern wrestling scene, having launched Pro Wrestling This Week, and worked with Gordon Solie among other announcers during the 80s. He retired from wrestling announcing in 1994.

“Very sad to report that Joe Pedicino passed away on April 12th,” Hazlewood wrote. “Joe was instrumental in founding the Global Wrestling Federation in the early 90’s, and was known for his work with Gordon Solie and Boni Blackstone on the syndicated ‘Superstars of Wrestling.’ More importantly, Joe was my friend. He was the first person I ever met “in the business” and was responsible for introducing me to many people (who happen to be wrestlers) that are still my friends today. Please keep [his wife] Boni [Blackstone] in your prayers.”

Wrestlezone sends condolences to Pedicino’s family and friends.

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