Woman Mistakes nWo T-Shirt For Walmart’s Political ‘Push’ For A One World Government

Coronavirus is causing a huge stir throughout the world and one Walmart shopper was outraged by what she saw at her local store.

The woman took to Facebook to share a photo of an official WWE nWo shirt that is for sale and said, “Global Elites pushing for the NWO (New World Order) which includes one world leader, one world religion, one world currency and one world government.”

She ended by saying it is time to show Walmart ‘what we think’ and start supporting small business. Of course, you can imagine the comments the post received due to it being public.

Some comments from readers include, “nWo is wrestling and thats been around for years” and “Walmart is selling a wrestling t shirt, far from an agenda platform for world domination.”

You can see the post for yourself below.

Edit: The original post has been removed, but a screenshot of the photo and comments was saved.

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