Billy Graham
Superstar Billy Graham during Wrestle Mania XX at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by KMazur/WireImage)

‘Superstar’ Billy Graham’s Daughter Contracts The Coronavirus

Some scary news in the wrestling world as WWE Hall Of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham shared some unfortunate news with his fans regarding his daughter.

Billy Graham took to Facebook to announce that his daughter Capella has contracted the Coronavirus. He goes into detail explaining the news as her husband happens to be a paramedic in West Palm Beach, FL and he reveals that she caught the virus through him. According to Graham, she has all seven of the symptoms of COVID-19 and has lost around 18 pounds.

“Hello fans, I hope all of you are healthy and covid-19 free However, that is not the case with my daughter and her husband who is a paramedic in Southern Florida. My daughter Capella is indeed in the throws of a full blown covid-19 attack. This fine photo of her and my granddaughter is just about a year old. Capella is only 47 years old and very healthy. She waited 5 days to tell me and we did a video cell phone call yesterday. She is extremely weak, has ran a very high temperature for about 3 days, constantly coughing, can’t sleep, pressure on her upper chest and does in fact have all 7 of the CDC symptoms. She has lost about 18 pounds and is isolated in her downstairs basement spare bedroom. Her husband as I mentioned is a first responder paramedic for the city of West Palm Beach, Fl. He, at only age 49 unfortunately gave the virus to her. Believe me it is one thing to write about the covid-19 virus but an all together different thing to write that your daughter has it and brutally shocking to see her gasping for air, pale and gaunt. They must now protect my grandchildren. I will keep you posted on her battle. Not that it matters at all but I may be the first WWE Hall of Fame inductee to have the covid-19 hit their immediate family. You must stay safe my good friends !! S.B.G”

We at WrestleZone would like to wish Capella, Billy and all of the Graham family prayers and the best of wishes during this time.

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