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MLW Fusion Recap: Injustice Aims To Own The AAA World Trios Titles

We start MLW Fusion off backstage with Injustice. 12 months ago who cared about them? Fast forward to now and MLW wants to talk re-signing and contracts. Myron Reed spits his hot fire, saying to management to put some respect on their name because they’re the best thing going now. Tonight they get the chance to show that as they contend for the AAA Trios Titles in phase four of the Super Series!

Black Destiny, Rayo Starr & Fantastick vs. Poder De Norte (Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana & Carta Brava Jr.)

Poder de Norte feel the offense of their opponents as they get tossed to the outside and then get stereo dives onto the outside. Rayo Starr takes a moment to showcase his skills and does a fake dive but he gets dropkicked into the back. Poder de Norte isolate Starr and catapult him right into a steel chair before literally dumping him onto a sea of chairs in the crowd! Double dropkicks keep Black Destiny down.

Back from break, we see Carta Brava double stomp Fantastick down and almost gets the pin, but Rayo Starr makes the save.

A gorgeous Spanish Fly to Carta almost gets a fall by Rayo but he recieves a running crucifix powebomb. Black Destiny hits an ace crusher for another near fall, but soon gets thwarted. Poder de Norte execute simultaneous offensive attacks, and the ref needs a third arm to administer the pinfall, but thankfully, Destiny, Fantastick and Starr all kick out.

Later on, Destiny shows his aerial skills once more by tope suicide diving onto Carta who is hanging off the barricade! The remainder of Norte however give their remaining adversaries a receipt! Several dropkicks to the mush of Black Destiny before a frogsplash keeps him down for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Poder de Norte

AJ Kirsch recaps the heated feud between Savio Vega and Dynasty which has recently come to a major boiling point as Richard Holliday has stolen Vega’s Caribbean Title to claim it as his own. A new episode of Lifestyles Of The Rich& Dynastic have Holliday and Hammerstone standing outside of a “really ugly yellow house” which also happens to be Vega’s childhood home. He says Vega’s mother couldn’t afford paying for the home so he bought it himself. That makes him “Richie Two Titles.” He’s thinking about making it a condo or an AirBNB.

MLW Anthology is coming and it will spotlight the rich legacy of Major League Wrestling. It’s definitely must-see TV coming soon.

The Hart Foundation may have won last week, but the celebration was short-lived as we see Brian Pillman Jr. was quickly attacked outside of the arena post match. The trio tries to cut Brian’s mullet, but luckily DB makes the save. We cut to Pillman who is fuming, so much that he’s willing to put his hair on the line against Jordan Oliver’s “white trash” locks.

Next up is episode dos of LA Park “En La Cocina Pendejos! It’s all of Los Parks as they are going to prepare a scrumptious Mexican pork dish.

They want everyone to pay attention, especially Psycho Clown so he can power through the pain after they take it to him and his two partners down next week. LA Park is aware of Pagano’s coming to MLW, but he wants everyone to be aware that Los Parks set the establishment for Mexican wrestling. They don’t want the carnival clowns to make a joke of their country’s representation in the USA. As LA Park fries the pork, he claims it as Psycho Clown’s father (“Super Porky”).

Park makes it clear that his family busted their ass to get where they are and he shouldn’t expect to be handed anything on silver platter up in the States. El Hijo de LA Park says MLW is the home of Los Parks and they are going to make him respect the real wrestling. LA Park later lays out to all MLW wrestlers that they’re coming for all divisions and all titles in the company as they finish up cooking the steak, pork, chorizo and bacon dish. Finally Los Parks calls out Konnan. LA Park know that he and the Mexican wrestling legend have history, but Konnan knows how much pull in Mexico Park has. LA Park wants him to bring the clowns to MLW so he can conquer them up north too.

Davey Boy Smith is wondering where Jacob Fatu is at? Well it’s only a matter of time before his time is up. DB’s not sitting at home, he’s busting his ass warming up. Mark his words: when he hits him with a running powerslam, IF Fatu manages to kick out, he’s going to procure the crippler crossface and Jacob has two choices: you either tap out or pass out – the choice is the Samoan Werewolf’s.

Mance Warner got off the phone with Savio and he’s got no respect for Holliday scooping up his childhood home. He’ll deal with Richie Two Titles later on, but he happened to catch wind of Hammer’s Tweeting. It don’t matter how much “candy” he’s consuming. His blonde mane is gonna look real pretty covered in blood. Sometime down the road, he’s gonna go for that Openweight Gold. The fans are his people plus he’s got heart and he don’t quit. One of them ain’t gonna be the same after they face off. Anything that Hammer says, he’s gonna be whooping that ass and reciting everything back as he busts away that melon of his.

After Low Ki’s altercation last week with Dan Lambert, the operator of American Top Team is reportedly filing a lawsuit against the Lone Wolf Of Brooklyn for undisclosed damages.

Psycho Clown has revealed his partners next week against Los Parks: it will be Nino de Hamburgues & the legendary Psicosis

Main Event

AAA Trios Tag Team Championship

Injustice vs. Jinetes del Aire (Myzteziz Jr., Octagon Jr. & Vikingo)

Everybody trades shots until it’s Vikingo and Reed facing off and the two feel one another out with absolute athleticism. Reed tries to monkey flip hurricanrana Vikingo but the luchador lands on his feet and then it’s Oliver going against Myzteziz Jr. The two meet each other in several stalemates until Myz hits a corkscrew cross body. Oliver finds himself on the outside and it’s Kotto against Octagon Jr. Several hurricanranas are executed, but Octagon hits hard with a forearm. A kick to the nose stuns Kotto and Octagon turns it into a top rope arm drag before delivering a head-scissors. Kotto is caught in the corner as his three foes deliver chops to the oldest member of Injustice. Just an amazing triple team as they pop up Kotto for a top rope dropkick from the opposite corner.

Kotto and Reed manage to focus on Myzteziz as the three deliver a triple team suplex onto him in an impressive display of chemistry.

They then triple team Vikingo and a slow count by the referee allows Octagon to stomp his partner free.

Injustice soon take a moment to gloat on the apron and it turns to complete chaos on the outside (all of which happens to be in Jinetes del Aire’s favor.

Kotto almost gets a fall on Vikingo after he gets his knees up but the hearty champion kicks out. Kotto soon gets vaulted by Oliver on top of Vikingo onto the outside and Oliver joins him directly across the squared circle with a tope to Myz. Vikingo feels the wrath of Oliver and Kotto and Myron highlights it with a cutter to Octagon onto the outside. Just wild stuff!

Injustice is in control as the lock Myz in a three men submission. Out comes Pillman and he spits beer in the face of Kotto. He grabs a chair to take out his opponents but Brian grabs it and Jinetes knocks him down.

Kotto soon finds himself woozy in the corner as Myz and Octagon take out Jordan and Myron on the outside. Vikingo feeds the knees to Kotto and then hits a 630 senton for the 1-2-3 and the title retain!

WINNERS & STILL AAA Trios Tag Team Champions: Jinetes del Aires

Injustice can’t be happy with Brian after his interference, but Pillman sought revenge and succeeded in stifling the three’s shot at AAA gold.

Next week MLW heads into phase five of the Super Series as AAA aims to tie it all up in the headline main event!

(These results were written by @DOMINICDEANGELO but are COURTESY OF MLW.COM)

Watch the full episode of MLW Fusion below:

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