The Revival Scott Dawson Dash Wilder FTR
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Revival Gave Up Several Trademarks To Secure Early WWE Release

Last week, news emerged of WWE attempting to block several of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler’s trademarks. The duo formally known as The Revival in WWE had attempted to acquire several terms for use in their future (likely AEW) endeavors, including “No Flips, Just Fists,” “#FTRKO” and “Say Yeah.” Fightful is reporting today that the team did have those trademarks rightfully with thousands in their own money, but then willingly gave them up as part of contract negotiations.

When The Revival were released as a team, it was a surprise. Both of them had months left on their contract, and an injury had ensured that one of them would be released before the other. Fightful gives us hard numbers, saying that WWE was prepared to extend the former Scott Dawson’s deal until the end of Summer while Dash’s contract was up in June. The two parties went back and forth and emerged with a deal that would let the duo stick together in release, but without some of the gimmick that they cultivated in Stamford.

While we may never see an FTRKO in AEW, I’m sure Dax and Cash will find plenty of other creative ways to forge their own path as they move on from WWE.

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