Aron Stevens The Question Mark
Photo Credit: NWA

Aron Stevens Unmasks Mongrovia’s Only Export: ‘Karatayyy’ (Video)

Even the great country of Mongrovia has been sure to release content during these quarantine times and NWA Third Degree National Champion Aron Stevens is leading the charge on behalf of the mysterious Question Mark.

In episode three of “Mongrovia Unmasked”, Stevens documents the history of “karatay” in the country discussing The Question Mark’s quick rise to excellency in the sport and touting himself as the only non-Mongrovian native to earn a third degree black belt in the martial art. Interesting enough, the sport is the only matter of trade and commerce the country dabbles in. He also mispronounces karate quite a bit in the video and that itself is documented.

Watch episode three of “Mongrovia Unmasked” shared by none other than The Question Mark himself:

The Question Mark has been allowed by his home country to open himself up more to social media and it has certainly been a learning experience for both parties as fans get to interact with Stevens’ subtle sensai and Mr. Mark gets to share some of his home. Watch the other two episodes of “Mongrovia Unmasked” below:

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