Suge D Pineapple Pete
Photo: AEW Wrestling

Suge D On His 16-Year Indie Run: ‘If I Quit Now, How Close Was I?’

Suge D has been wrestling on the indies for over a decade, only getting his first indie exposure last month during All Elite Wrestling’s month of taped shows. It’s there where Chris Jericho dubbed him “Pineapple Pete”, a moniker that caught on as quickly as all of Chris’s other catchphrases. Tonight, he competes for the second time on Dynamite against Jericho, and he’s more than ready.

Speaking before the match, Suge says he’s more than ready to take the next step in his career.

You start wondering for a while, especially if you’ve been in it as long as I’ve been. Your friends are all getting signed, walls that they’re breaking down, and you remember you were on those same cards with them. It really sets on you. Am I that bad? Am I that unwantable? Is there something about the reality of me? If I quit now, I just stop and give up everything right now, how close was I?

He describes his indie wrestling career as a journey full of true grit and passion with no guaranteed end goal. Now that he has a chance to break down Jericho’s walls tonight on the way to success, Pineapple Pete won’t miss.

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