Rachael Ellering Hypes Return: ‘Don’t Call It A Comeback’

In a tweet shared on Wednesday, Rachael Ellering posted a new video hyping up her potential return to the world of wrestling.

In a video featuring a ton of clips of her wrestling in the ring, it ends by saying “Rachael Ellering: Don’t call it a comeback.” The video could mean that she had been released from NXT as she had been going as Rachael Evers within WWE.

As far as her potential release goes, WWE hasn’t commented on the video, so there’s no way to confirm or deny that she’s been release just yet. Her information does not appear on either WWE.com or the WWE Performance Center roster pages, though that isn’t always the best indicator of cuts.

Ellering tore her ACL last summer at an NXT house show and hasn’t been in a match since.

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