IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results (5/19/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Results IMPACT Wrestling Results

May 19, 2020

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Number One Contenders Tournament: Ace Austin vs. Rhino

Rhino and Austin lock up. Rhino pushes Austin into the corner. Rhino locks in an armbar. Austin escapes to the outside. Austin gets back in the ring and after ducking a clothesline eats a chop from Rhino. Austin can’t solve Rhino. Rhino bodyslams Austin. Rhino calls for the Gore. Austin dives out of the ring to avoid it. Rhino follows Austin. Rhino suplexes Austin out on the floor. Rhino launches Austin into the barricade. Rhino places a chair on the apron. Austin does a handstand, then kicks Rhino in the chest. Austin sends Rhino into the ring post. 

The referee checks on Rhino. Austin hops in the ring and yells at the referee to get in the ring to count Rhino out. Rhino manages to beat the count. Austin stomp Rhino. Austin drops Rhino with a leaping front kick. Rhino kicks out. Rhino fires up and lands a few strikes. Austin surprises Rhino with a leg lariat. Austin goes up top. Rhino cuts him short. Austin ad Rhino fight over a chair. In the confusion, Austin hits Rhino with his staff while the referee has his back turned. Austin hits the Fold for the win. 

Winner- Ace Austin

Earlier today Moose sat down with Josh Matthews. Matthews asks Moose when he is going to stop walking around with the TNA Championship, which is just a heavy prop at this point. Matthews explains to Moose that his match with Suicide was just a match. Moose asks Matthews if the referee held up before the match? Matthews notes that Suicide had Moose beat. Moose said that didn’t happen. Moose is still the champion. Matthews asks is Moose will give Suicide another shot. Moose says he is a fighting champion so yes, Suicide can have another match. Moose says Matthews is pissing him off so he’s ending this interview before he puts Matthews’ head through the wall. 

Backstage, Keira Hogan runs into Tasha Steelz. Hogan says she was impressed by Steelz performance last week. Hogan offers to take Steelz under her wing. Steelz is skeptical. Steelz agrees to snatch bitches with Hogan. 

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