Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Rhyno Explains How D’Lo Brown Came Up With His Name

On the One Night Only podcast, Rhyno revealed how he owes his name to none other than D’Lo Brown.

“The name Rhino, a couple people take credit for it,” Rhyno explained. “I give credit to D’Lo Brown. We were wrestling for a promoter he actually booked me my second match, first person to ever promote me in the U.S. We were in the G.I. Forum and then the power went out, but we got a generator and we were able to run the wrestling show. The locker room had no windows and it was dark outside, I hear this voice and it’s D’Lo. He goes, “Hey man, you ever thought of using the name Rhino?” I go, “No,” and he sells me on it. The very next show I wrestled Al Snow and I used the name Terry Rhino Richards and then later I used Rhino Richards.”

His name would then be shortened to just Rhino during his ECW stint due to Stevie Richards having the same last name.

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