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The Revival Reportedly Issued Cease And Desist Over Clownish Shirt Design

The hits just keep coming for Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler. The pair, most famously known as The Revival in WWE, have been digging through legal trouble ever since leaving the company. First, it was an order to stop using “The Revolt” as a name issued by a team on the indie circuit that had already cultivated that branding. Now, it’s WWE ordering that the team stop issuing shirts bearing a humorous gimmick changed purposed to the duo before their WWE exit.

First reported by, the shirt was one of many the former Revival put up for sale on Pro Wrestling Tees once they became free agents. It was part of a confusing idea that The Revival would become clowns in WWE to mock clownish gimmicks, and it was thankfully passed up on. The Revival took the image, added a few “FTR”s to it and started selling it. Then, the shirt disappeared, and Dax tweeted about a legal action not long after:

If WWE is truly the reason that the pair had to stop selling this particular shirt, then it’s an admission that the images on the shirt were indeed WWE creations. It could even be argued that this was the reason the shirt existed in the first place. We may never know the full story, but it seems likely to be a well-played move by the duo on the way out of Stamford.

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