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Bray Wyatt Recalls The Time Sid Vicious Destroyed His Rocketeer Toy

Current SmackDown Superstar and former WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt has a long history with the wrestling industry. Being a second-generation star, he had plenty of time as a child hanging out backstage while his after took care of tax cheats in the ring. Today on social media, Wyatt shared one story of his childhood experience involving Sycho Sid and a toy modeled after a forgotten Disney classic.

When I was a kid I was playing in a WCW locker room somewhere with a brand new Rocketeer toy. Psycho Sid Vicious thought I was being too loud and I was annoying him. So I shot him the bird, like a man. And he promptly destroyed my Rocketeer toy. Today nearly 30 years later my great friend @bakingjason bought me a new Rocketeer toy and restored my faith in humanity. And guess what Sid, I’m the man now and you….. still suck!

With The Rocketeer making a resurgence as a children’s cartoon recently, it’s good that Bray got a refresher course in the film so he could pass it on to his new child. At least the story has a happy ending 30 years later, so I doubt this is one instance where The Fiend has to get involved. Unless Sid happens to be in another locker room in a few years…

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