Shad Gaspard and JTG
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JTG And WWE’s The Bump Celebrate The Life of Shad Gaspard

JTG appeared on Wednesday’s episode of WWE’s The Bump, where he and the hosts celebrated the life of the late Shad Gaspard.

On what he remembers most about Shad:

JTG: “He radiated positive energy when you’re around him and he liked to make you laugh and smile, whether it be with a joke or trying to find out if you had a problem and trying to give a solution to it.”

On the outpour of love Shad has received recently:

JTG: “The love and support has been amazing, and it definitely helped me with my grieving and mourning process because I never had a situation like this hit so close to home. You know, I’ve lost friends and family, coworkers but not someone who I’ve engaged with every day, like me and Shad spoke every day so I never experienced nothing like this before so the outpour of love and support, you know the videos that fans were sending, and how much Shad meant to them and how much they enjoyed us growing up during their childhood, that definitely helped me. On how Shad was a big brother You know if I had a problem, he would try and solve it, you know, like a big brother. You know, if I complained that I needed a job or something, I was hurting for money, you know he wouldn’t tell me, he would just, like for example, we walked into a Hollywood Video rental store when I was 19, I was complaining to him that I had no job, he went to the manager like, ‘Yo, my little brother need a job,’ and I’m like, okay, why didn’t you give me a heads up? And then, two weeks later, I was putting up videos against a wall in alphabetical order and that was Shad, that was our relationship.

On the goal of Cryme Tyme:

JTG: “As Cryme Tyme, like in our song, we trying to bring the hood to you. You know, we wanted to represent hip hop, we wanted to express our culture, you know, during that era, like when we first came out, we know that at the time, the reason we were bright up was because Vince McMahon loved Dave Chapelle’s, the Dave Chapelle Show and we were doing a lot of that type of skits in Louisville, Kentucky, in OVW and we had great chemistry on screen because we were friends and we just knew each other without speaking, you know, that’s the relationship Shad and I had, sometimes we could look at each other like we would be in a situation and we would just know what each other were thinking and we’d make eye contact and we’d just bust out laughing.

On his favorite match with Shad:

JTG: “We were working Big Show and JeriShow, we had a lot of fun at the live events and we eventually worked them at SummerSlam for the titles, and I’ll have to say that was one of the most fun and most intense matches I’ve ever had in my career, being that it was in Los Angeles, Staples Center, where we debuted and my family was there, friends were there, and Chris Jericho and Big Show, you know, they made us step up to the plate, you know, the big boys, that’s where we wanted to play, the big boys, and we definitely came and stepped up to the occasion.”

The full episode is available here:

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