Diamond Dallas Page
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

DDP Bestows The Diamond Cutter To QT Marshall Via Training Montage

QT Marshall, the man AEW fans may know best as “that guy with the apple,” has been busy this past week. Continuing his ongoing training sessions with DDP, Marshall has just started to employ the Diamond Cutter as a finish in his matches. However, Page notes that QT hasn’t mastered the form just yet and trains him on how to do it properly. By the end of the embedded training montage, the WCW legend passes on the “hidden secrets” and implores Marshall to not “fu*k this up.”

However, that’s not the only thing QT has been up to. In a clip from this week’s edition of AEW Dark, we saw QT arrive late to an interview in a newly purchased blue Corvette. When asked about the car by his tag partner Dustin Rhodes, QT says that Blue is Allie’s favorite color, gesturing towards The Bunny as she sat in the passenger seat.

We’ve seen QT and Allie grow close over the past few weeks, but there’s no indication as to the motives of the previously devious woman. Is Allie showing a change of heart or offering QT a poisoned apple and punching his ticket to a meeting with her Butcher and Blade?  The coming weeks of AEW will reveal if the couple can stay together or if we’ll see the good-natured QT’s heart broken into apple slices.

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