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Chrissy Rivera Speaks Out On DJ Hyde’s Poor Treatment Of Women At CZW

On the latest episode of Shelly Live, Shelly Martinez talked to CZW/WSU star Chrissy Rivera about her run at CZW, how poorly DJ Hyde treats the performers, and how disrespectful DJ Hyde is to women. Check out some of the highlights below:

On working for CZW:

CZW really became my home. I would do smaller indies and things around my area – the northeast circuit but CZW was always talked about. It was the place to be for the guys, and I wanted to work there. Basically I wanted to work there because I was told I could not work there. I was told, ‘no offense but John doesn’t put women on the show.’ I didn’t know why, I didn’t know whatever his reasons where, but I was told (that) women were not a priority in CZW. It was all about the blood and the guts and this and that. I was told by multiple people that women should not work there.

On the environment in a CZW locker room:

Nick Gage was the most respectful, polite person in the entire locker room. He shook my hand, he introduced himself, he asked me my name, he asked what was I doing there. He introduced me to a bunch of the other guys. I didn’t have any bad interactions for a really long time in CZW. I was never disrespected by that locker room. It’s so disheartening to hear about how people are treated now, men and women, because back in 2010 I was treated very well.

On CZW mistreating their performers:

I haven’t been a part of it for (the past) 2 years but all of the things that I have been told by talent that has worked there have been negative. I don’t like the stories that I hear about how the women are treated. Obviously I haven’t witnessed with my own eyes what has been going on in the past year or so, but when I was there toward the end is when it started getting bad with the treatment of certain women, or the inappropriateness of DJ. He was completely inappropriate with how he spoke to talent, men and women. Conversations with women would turn into a sexual topic. He would talk down to a lot of the guys there like he was better than them. I didn’t like a lot of that stuff that was going on.

On working for WSU before DJ Hyde took control:

WSU was fantastic. It was run by Blake Thomas. He would say, ‘I’m here to let you guys shine. I’m here to make you the best version of yourselves. I’m not here because I think you have a nice body or that I want to see you in a bikini or anything like that. You’re not going to hear the things that you have heard in the past from me.’ Working with him was the best experience for all of those women because he gave so many of them chances that I feel like they wouldn’t have gotten. In that time frame it was good, when he quit that was kinda when I left too. I just didn’t feel comfortable working under DJ and whoever he had working at the time.

More on DJ Hyde’s treatment to her specifically:

The stuff that DJ Hyde has said to women, he has not said to me. He knows that he cannot say those things to me whether it was he was afraid of who I was dating at the time or maybe he had a little ounce of respect for me. Maybe he knew I would punch him in the mouth if he said those things. Regardless of what it was, he knew he couldn’t pull things with me that he did with other girls.

On what she would like to see happen in CZW:

I am definitely warning people. I definitely want things to change. I’m not going to sit here and say that I hope CZW burns to the ground or WSU burns to the ground. If people choose to work with DJ knowing this information, then that’s on them. But I hope that bringing some type of light to the situation makes them realize that they can’t do what they’ve been doing. They need to change the name of the WSU shows. I don’t care if they take down the shows and even advertise them anymore, if you’re going to be promoting it (as soft porn) I’d rather you should be promoting it at all.

You can listen to the entire interview below. Shelly LIVE airs every Tuesday at 6pm ET / 3pm PT on the VOC Nation Radio Network. Shelly shares stories of her past and present, and takes listeners calls and tweets.

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