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Luke Gallows: “If There’s No Bullet Club, There’s No Resurgence In Professional Wrestling”

Luke Gallows shoots from the hip and praises Bullet Club for the wrestling revival.

Long before AEW and NXT were a thing, Bullet Club rose up in Japan and began to change the industry. Speaking with Tama Tonga on his podcast, Tama’s Island, Luke Gallows opened up about how he feels that the Bullet Club was the only reason for AEW, ROH’s resurgence, the revamping of NXT and even his own rehiring at WWE.

“The fuckin’ Bullet Club revolutionized professional wrestling and if somebody hears this and they’re mad about it, sorry. Fight me on it. If there’s no Bullet Club, there’s no AEW. If there’s no Bullet Club, there’s no growth in professional wrestling. If there’s no Bullet Club, There really is no reason to have an NXT, because why do you turn developmental into indie heaven and hire everyone in the business? There’s no reason to do it…”

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He continued, “It was fucking real. It was over as fuck. If you don’t have that, there’s no alternative for professional wrestling. There’s no reason for an AEW, ROH doesn’t stand up. I’m sorry, guys, get mad at me. That’s the fucking truth. If there’s no bullet club, the resurgence of professional wrestling doesn’t happen. Professional wrestling advanced because of what the Bullet Club was in Japan. That’s why they bought us. They fucking wined and dined us and then they fired us. That’s what it is. Yeah, it’s real and it happened. We’re real dudes, man. We’re really good at what we fucking did.”

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were released alongside many other WWE Superstars and producers on Wednesday, April 15th, 2020. Most recently, the duo announced that they would be putting on their own event on August 1st, Talk’n ShopaMania.

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