IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results (6/9/20)

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As the show kicks off with Scott D’Amore and Cyrus seemingly arguing about what they are going to do with the IMPACT World Title situation. We can’t hear anything they are saying, unfortunately. 

Sami Callihan vs. Michael Elgin vs. Ken Shamrock

Shamrock runs down to the ring as Elgin’s music is still playing. Shamrock doesn’t want to wait. Shamrock and Elgin brawl. The lights go out. When they come back on Callihan is posted up in the corner looking cooler than the other side of the pillow (god, I’m old). Shamrock clotheslines Elgin in the corner. Elgin sends Shamrock out of the ring. Callihan tosses Elgin out of the ring. Callihan attempts a dive out of the ring but Elgin catches him and slams him on the apron. Before Elgin can breathe, Shamrock flattens him with a plancha. Shamrock sends Elgin back in the ring. Elgin dropkicks Shamrock. Elgin spinebusters Callihan. Elgin gets a near fall after a falcon arrow. Callihan and Shamrock double team Elgin. Elgin rolls out of the ring. Callihan gives Shamrock the finger. Shamrock and Elgin trade punches. 

Elgin lands a series of elbows to Callihan. Pump kick by Callihan. German suplex by Elgin. Elgin lands a basement elbow to Callihan. As Elgin is pinning Callihan, Shamrock puts Elgin in the Ankle Lock. Elgin kicks Shamrock away. Elgin lands a DDT. Shamrock pops back up to his feet. Elgin lands another DDT. Shamrock pops back up to his feet again. Elgin tries a kick but Shamrock slaps on the Ankle Lock. Callihan holds Elgin’s hand up to stop him from tapping out. Shamrock puts Callihan in the Ankle Lock. Callihan rolls out of the hold. Shamrock puts Elgin in the Ankle Lock again. Elgin grabs the turnbuckle. Shamrock yanks Elgin back so hard the turnbuckle pad comes off. Elgin knocks Callihan into Shamrock. Shamrock hits the exposed turnbuckle. Callihan falls out of the ring. Elgin drops Shamrock with a tornado powerbomb for the win. 

Winner- Michael Elgin



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