Dustin Rhodes
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Dustin Rhodes Invites Howard Stern To Attend An AEW Show

Howard Stern was wondering where Goldust went to on a recent episode of The Howard Stern Show and Dustin Rhodes is letting him know exactly where he’s at.

Stern has been reportedly using sound clips of Goldust on his program and when he brought up the topic of The Artist Formerly Known As’ whereabouts his cohost Robin Quivers stated that AEW was probably someone’s backyard. (h/t to WrestlingInc for the following transcription)

Stern: That was my favorite wrestler. I don’t even know his name. Gold something? Goldust. He’s my favorite. His schtick was that he had Tourette’s, but he didn’t have Tourette’s.

Quivers: That was a bad thing to hang your name on.

Stern: Yeah, I’m sure it’s wrong.

Quivers: Now he’s gone, so it must not have worked out. [laughs]

Stern: I think he’s still a wrestler, but I think he’s a different character…Dustin Rhodes wrestles in the AEW. Whatever that is.

Quivers: See? I don’t even know what that is. [laughs]

Stern: I’m proud that I don’t know what that is.

Quivers: It’s somebody’s backyard. [laughs]

Stern: AEW. Well, alright. He’s still in the game.

Quivers: They put up a little ring and he goes in there and wrestles. [laughs]

The Natural caught wind of Stern’s love for The Bizarre One and sent the radio personality an open invite to attend any All Elite Wrestling show to prove that it isn’t somebody’s backyard, but a wrestling company that airs weekly on TNT.

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