bobby lashley
Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Bobby Lashley Asks Lana For A Divorce, MVP Calls Her A ‘Thot’

At WWE Backlash, Lana accidentally cost Bobby Lashley his WWE Championship match against Drew McIntyre. On WWE RAW, MVP discussed the loss. MVP criticized McIntyre for capitalizing on the interference and blamed Lana for the defeat. Lana came to the ring and defended herself. “My Bobby knows I would never do anything to hurt him,” said Lana.

She said she colored her hair and got divorced for Lashley. “You’re the problem,” Lana told MVP. “You are manipulating [Lashley.]” She told MVP to treat her with respect. Lashley insulted Lana and said she made WWE Backlash all about her. He said all she cares about is becoming famous. Lana responded by saying she should have slept with McIntyre instead. “I want a divorce,” said Lashley.

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