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Alexa Bliss Confirms Her Podcast Will Debut In July

Alexa Bliss is getting her own podcast, and she recently talked about it in an interview with Charlotte Wilder of Fox Sports. In the interview, Bliss describes her podcast and confirms that it will premiere in July. She also discusses several other topics. Here are some highlights:

On her podcast:

Bliss: “I have a podcast coming up soon, Uncool with Alexa Bliss, it’ll be coming out I think in July, like later July, or maybe June, I don’t know, one of the two. I think July. It’s a lot of fun, I interview a lot of WWE superstars, celebrities, musicians, and we talk about what they were like before they wee famous, before the fame, like how uncool they were. Basically because of everything going on, I’ve just been stockpiling all of the interviews and then I’m gonna release them a little bit later just because it’s so hard right now to, you know, Corey’s got After The Bell, the New Day has their podcast, and there’s just a bunch of things currently going on, and so I think it’s just better that it’s later so that way there’s time for editing and making sure that everything fits.”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to interview people that I’ve looked up to in music and acting and everything like that, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve interviewed two of my childhood crushes which has been fun.”

On watching WWE Evolution rather than having a match on the card:

Bliss: “It was tough. You know, I remember I was supposed to have a match against Trish Stratus in the beginning you know, I remember watching NXT TakeOver, I was in a hotel because we had just had, I think we were there for a pay-per-view, I don’t remember which city it was, but they started announcing matches for Evolution. And I was scrolling on Twitter and Instagram as everyone does, and I remember seeing a graphic of me and Trish Stratus, and it said Evolution. And I remember thinking, ‘Oh, that would be a cool match.’ But I just assumed it was a fan-edit that someone made because people are very talented with those things, they’ll make the most incredible edits and they’ll look amazingly real. But apparently WWE put it out because they were promoting matches. So you know, I watched Trish growing up, I loved Trish, everything that I started in NXT, I would try to emulate Trish and kinda her attitude and everything like that. And so it was almost like getting to have a match with your WWE hero. And so I was so excited, that’s amazing, this is gonna happen, and then it got turned into a tag match, which is even cooler because then I was gonna be able to be in the ring with Trish and Lita with Mickie James as my partner and I was just like, what’s better than having a match with Trish? Having a match with Trish and Lita.”

And then unfortunately I was dealing with a concussions and I had to do a live event, WWE wanted me to kinda get back in the ring and move around a little bit before evolution and so I was booked on a life event and during the live event I ended up getting reconcussed again…. They were like ,’Yeah, you’re concussed again and that means no Evolution.'”

The full interview is available here:

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