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Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Broken Skull Sessions Preview: Mark Henry Drafts A Modern-Day Nation of Domination

In a preview of Mark Henry’s appearance on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, the World’s Strongest Man offered his picks for a modern Nation of Domination. “I would have to pick The New Day,” said Henry. “I would definitely have to put the Street Profits in there. And Kevin Owens.”

Henry compared Owens to Owen Hart, who was a member of the Nation of Domination during Henry’s time with the group.


In another preview, Henry discussed how Vince McMahon inspired the Hall of Pain. “Vince ribbed me,” said Henry. The World’s Strongest Man recapped how McMahon told him he was going to have a match with Sin Cara. When his opponent didn’t show up, Henry got angry.

“Now, I’m pissed at Sin Cara, and if he came out, I was gonna hurt him,” said Henry. “Now, I’m pissed.” Henry then described how he went to the backstage area and destroyed it.

Henry’s appearance on Steve Austin’s The Broken Skull Sessions is now streaming on the WWE Network.

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