Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Michael Elgin Comments On #SpeakingOut Allegations, Falling Out Of Love With Wrestling

In a message posted to his official YouTube channel, Michael Elgin spoke at length about the #SpeakingOut allegations that cost him his career in IMPACT Wrestling. He went over several of the stories aimed at him, claiming that they may have happened as described, but also that there were important details left out that make the situation less cut and dry. For example, one story involving a picture of the male form occurred while Elgin was drunk. He claims that it was a picture of another man and not Elgin’s manhood.


Elgin then talks about how the entire situation has caused him to fall out of love with wrestling. He says that he’s selling his wrestling collectibles and implies that he’s done giving his life to the business. He also specified that he doesn’t want his son idolizing wrestling as he did and that he’ll be spending more time at home trying to make up for the time he missed on the road.

Michael Elgin was originally scheduled to compete for the IMPACT World Championship in the main event of the upcoming Slammiversary event. He is now on the outs with the company alongside the most recent champion Tessa Blanchard, who was fired due to a breach of contract.

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