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Heath Slater Returns To WWE, Drew McIntyre Claymore Kicks Him

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre let Dolph Ziggler pick the stipulation for their match and The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules, and Ziggler refused to tell McIntyre which one he chose. Ziggler reminded McIntyre that he got fired, and the WWE Champion said he embraced it; he hoped it would motivate others. Ziggler called McIntyre a back-stabber and said he’s forgotten about plenty of people. Ziggler brought Heath Slater, who had been fired earlier this year, to the stage. Slater said he and McIntyre have a long history. He said that McIntyre is actually the Chosen One now.

Slater said he jumped with joy and cried when McIntyre won at WWE WrestleMania 36. He said he loves McIntyre and reminded him of how he kept in touch with McIntyre when he got fired. Slater pointed out how McIntyre didn’t do the same thing. “Where were you for me?” asked Slater. He said he’s there for his kids, and he wants McIntyre to know that he wasn’t there for him. Slater reminded McIntyre of his promise that he’d petition to have a match with him. Slater said his “I need this job” bit isn’t a gimmick. “I want you to give me what I deserve,” said Slater.

He slapped McIntyre, who finally gave in. “You’re on,” said McIntyre. The match began after a commercial break. A distraction from Ziggler let Slater land a few punches, but McIntyre rapidly put Slater away with a Claymore Kick. McIntyre then angrily stared at Ziggler. Slater then shoved Ziggler, and the two men brawled. McIntyre chased Ziggler from the ring. McIntyre helped a tearful Slater to his feet and hugged him. He then raised Slater’s hand.


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