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Heath Slater On Closing A Chapter, Ruby Riott On Why She Turned On Liv Morgan

Heath Slater On Closing A Chapter

This week on WWE RAW, Heath Slater returned and reunited with Drew McIntyre. In a WWE Network Exclusive, Slater reflected on the emotional night. “[Drew’s] the man, he’s the champ, he’s my best friend, a brother inside and outside the ring. Pretty sure he still loves me, after he helped me up, he hugged me. I hope, anyway, because he’s a bad dude. But no, this was a nice closing of a chapter, so let’s see what the future brings for me.”

Ruby Riott On Why She Turned On Liv Morgan

This week on RAW Talk, Ruby Riott reflected on why she turned on Liv Morgan. “A lot of people are saying that I dumped Liv,” said Riott. “That’s not it. You know, I was gone for ten months. And when I left, I was the leader of the Riott Squad. And then when I was gone, I saw Liv flourishing, she was thriving, she was becoming her own woman and I didn’t think she needed me anymore. And that made me mad.”

Riott said that she realized Morgan was capable of standing on her own. “When she beat me, I guess I realized that maybe she didn’t even need me at all,” said Riott.

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