Credit: Over the Top Wrestling

Over The Top Wrestling Creating Code Of Conduct, Announces Changes

After a wave of allegations that shook the world of professional wrestling, OTT Wrestling has announced that it will be crafting a new Code of Conduct, as well as making various changes to both policy and staff.

According to the company, Annie O’Brien will be joining OTT Wrestling as the head of their talent relations, and will also become the designated contact that deals directly with talent on any issues they may be experiencing. O’Brien has worked extensively in the entertainment industry over the last 20 years, including working for American Wrestling Rampage on their European tours from 2008 to 2012.

Elsewhere in the announcements, OTT announced that they would be updating their safety procedures, code of conduct, and disciplinary procedures to fall in line with “international best practice,” and that all management, performers, and staff will undergo Garda vetting in the future. The company also announced that they’ve put in a new board of members, which will meet monthly to discuss issues within the Irish wrestling industry. The members are:

  • Joe Cabray, OTT promoter, Head of School Of Wrestling Dublin and Belfast
  • • LJ Cleary, Current OTT roster member, FFPW Coach
  • • Kaydee McKeon Joyce, Current OTT roster member, FFPW Liaison
  • • Karen Glennon, Current OTT/ROH roster member
  • • Katey Harvey, Current FFPW Coach

OTT Wrestling also announced that no performer will appear in any OTT ring until any and all allegations against them have been investigated in full. The company is also drafting a code of conduct for fans, which will be displayed at the entrance of all future OTT events. Finally, the company announced that they would be launching The School Of Wrestling NI in the coming months, which will focus on creating a safe environment for all trainees who wish to train and learn professional wrestling.

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