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The Ascension Call Their Run On The Fashion Files A Career Highlight

Big Kon and Vik, formerly known as The Ascension, recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard and discussed various topics. In one highlight, when looking back on their WWE careers, the duo discussed why they enjoyed The Fashion Files and consider it to be a highlight in their WWE careers.

Vik: “At first, you thought, ‘Man, once we’re involved in this, you guys won’t be doing it anymore.’ That was one of the first things we said. It was so odd, but I think at the same time, we were kinda so down and frustrated that it just like worked. We were like, f— it, like, what are they asking us to do? Then we’d see what Breezango’s doing, and we’re like, ‘This is ridiculous,’ but if I’m sitting here laughing right now, it can’t really be that bad. And then we saw, we started having so much fun with it, but just seeing the immediate crowd response was awesome. We used to sit there and laugh because that was another one of the times that, because of all that, it turned us babyface and even with the office, like they had to play catch-up again because they weren’t really paying attention or they weren’t really listening. And even if you said like, ‘Hey, can you pay attention to the sound when this is happening?’ They’d be like,’ Oh yeah, yeah,’ but no [they weren’t].”

“So that was another one—as fun as it was and I know we loved it—some people, even my friends were like, ‘Man, this makes you guys look dumb,’ and I’m like, really? Because I think it’s pretty funny, and we’re getting the best exposure and reaction that we’re getting in a long time, and we’re enjoying it. I don’t really feel you can go wrong with that. If anything, it just showed people there’s a whole other side, a natural evolution for us actually when it happened because we were kind of apprehensive about it because it seemed so silly. The writers were so good, everybody was having such a good time working with each other and all the ideas that were coming out of it between the talent and the writers, it just made it so much fun that I’m so glad we did it, you know?”

Big Kon: “Yeah, there were a lot of hands that didn’t get involved in that, and I think that’s what made it so good is that there was some creative freedom, and we got to all pitch ideas and you saw what it became. Generally, when you can see the wrestlers having fun, I think the fans start to have fun, and people feed off of that and I think that’s what was happening. It’s like going back to what Vik said. At first, we looked at that thing and we’re like, ‘man this is a sinking ship waiting to happen’ because I’m sorry, but when you’re pouring syrup on a log and put a wig on, you’re just not sure what’s going on, but eventually, you just start to roll with the punches. And it’s like ‘you know what? We might have something here, and this could be a lot of fun’, and the four of us just started having a little say-so in it. We all just started clicking and you saw what the product put out, and it was just so much fun.”

“It was probably one of my favorite highlights that I’ve had in my career because you get to see a different side of us. There was always that ass-kicking side of us and all we did, we were just serious all the time, and then you get to see us pull that back. You get to see a little humor in us and I think that’s what makes fans connect a little bit, too, because not everybody wants to go love a badass. And I really enjoyed it because—from my understanding, Vince didn’t understand it, so anytime all the boys were laughing and Vince is like, ‘I don’t get it,’ and to me that’s just the fun of it all right there.”

Vik: “We used to go sit behind the Titantron all night and just kind of wait to see like how some people react to this and stuff. And you’d hear the full arena of people like laugh at the right jokes, like there was the live studio audience basically reacting exactly the way they’re supposed to, and then afterward you’d hear them applaud like they’d just seen theater. It was funny to be able to sit there and listen like that because I know we, all four of us, would kind of sit around, and you’d see the writers sitting all different places like seeing who they were watching, seeing who reacted to what, and that was really exciting, I think, for all of us because it was such a different aspect of everything we’d done.”

The full interview is available below:

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