EC3 Is ‘Burning His Regrets’ And Fighting For Himself, He’ll Go Where He Has The Best Opportunity (Exclusive)

EC3 says he’s getting into a fight the second he’s free to do so and we’ll see exactly what he means this weekend.

EC3 recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo about his next move in the world of professional wrestling, taking control of his own narrative, where we could see him end up, why he’s not completely sold on nostalgia in wrestling and much more.

EC3 is one of many names that professional wrestling fans are keeping their eyes on, waiting to see his latest message and where he’ll show up next. Released by WWE on April 15, EC3 has been open about becoming “free” to control his narrative, and now says he’s not as focused on what company he signs with so much as where he’s going to be given the best creative outlet.

“I think the mental perspective as far as [people asking] ‘where are you going to work next? What promotion are you going to work for? What television show are you going to be on?‘—it’s lost on me. It doesn’t matter. What I’m doing now is becoming who I want to be and I know that by giving myself to somebody else—my talents, abilities, creativity, my brain, my body—I’ll never be able to be fully in control of who I’m portrayed as. I realize now that this isn’t about money for me at all or who is offering the best deal,” EC3 said, “it’s about which place provides me the best opportunity to be who I want to be, to fight how I want to fight, ‘entertain’ how I want to ‘entertain.’”

Seeing other wrestlers being signed or re-signed isn’t much of a concern for EC3, who says being free is more than just a gimmick. He hopes those talents are being taken care of in such a tumultuous and uncertain time, but says he’s free from stressors like impressing a boss or an audience and he’s focused on becoming the person he’s supposed to be. When asked if he’s going to make any particular changes himself, EC3 said it’s mostly in his overall presentation. He says one thing that hasn’t adapted with current times is the wrestling industry, and he wants to be as real and free as possible and show that to the world.

“I’ve noticed within this industry, and I know that we’re entertainment, but I don’t see anybody changing with the times. We know everybody has changed, fans have changed—in real life, there’s anxiety, things of that nature—there’s anxiety every day and people are feeling that. There’s division, everyone’s on edge, and I don’t believe anyone in the wrestling industry has changed with it. I’m just embracing it, real personal change, and portraying it to the world. I’m not saying I’m an example on what to do or how to live; I’m not a role model, I’m not a hero,” EC3 said. “I’m just being myself and I do think that in finding freedom everyone can become better.”

I like to refer to anyone with a blue check mark as a ‘demented narcissist’

EC3 says the constant tagging and promoting of social media is a ‘nauseating’ atmosphere that he loathes, and he tries to go against the popular trends and make himself stand out. Noting that he might sound too self-righteous, especially ‘preaching freedom in a time where nobody does feel free’, EC3 says people can wear whatever masks they’d like on social media but he’s focused on being authentic.

“People portray themselves how they want to be seen. I’m every word I say and every caption that I write is by my own hand and my feeling in that moment. So, sometimes I feel that it might change, sometimes I look back and I’m not sure why I said that, but I try to be authentic. I think authenticity of self is very important and that’s all I’m doing. I’m not really concerned about [behaving in a way that will get me a job with ‘this’ company]—nothing matters. I realized that in the last place I worked. Nothing matters, so be who you’re supposed to be,” EC3 said, “be who you want to be, just be free. Free from a corporately mandated persona, from whatever the media lie is this week, free from people that you’re close to that betray you. Focus on yourself, free yourself.”

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EC3 has teased getting into a fight on July 18 and many have speculated (unfounded or not) that it has something to do with IMPACT Wrestling‘s Slammiversary pay-per-view. While he didn’t explicitly say what his plans were, EC3 did say that the “fight” was within himself and his goal is to move forward and stop holding on to the past. He says that he’s never actually fought himself or his regrets, and he insisted that he will finally get into a fight—symbolically and perhaps literally—once the countdown clock runs out on Friday night.

“I’ve been fighting people for years, but I’ve realized that my biggest opponent is myself. To truly free yourself, you have to take yourself on, you have to destroy the past, and I don’t mean that in the [literal] sense,” EC3 said. “You have to destroy the past that is holding on to you. Your past is just a story and once you realize that, you can move forward. A big part of what I’m trying to do personally is destroy my past, so anxieties, regrets, mistakes—dozens, thousands, trust me, there’s a lot—but I will not verbalize the regrets at this point because that defeats the purpose of defeating myself.”

I don’t like the word regret.

“If you have a regret, I suggest this very therapeutic thing—I’m actually going to do it on 7-18-2020 on Facebook where I accumulate items that show your regrets, whatever they may be. Whether it’s a spiritual crystal some girl gave you, maybe it’s a piece of paper that says you got fired, maybe it’s an heirloom from somebody that betrayed you. Throw it in a trash can barrel and set that shit on fire,” EC3 said. “Burn your regrets. Move forward.”

“I’ve cut promos, I’ve wrestled matches, I’ve defeated legends. But the one thing I’ve never done and people have never seen me do is fight. I’ve wrestled matches, but I’ve never fought. I never fought the regrets I used to have,” EC3 explained, “the fears I would have. I never fought with my heart on my sleeve, with a vendetta that I have now. I have not yet fought, and the second that the clock on goes down on 7-18-2020, I’m going to fight.”

With all of the discussion about his professional wrestling future, EC3 says he has a very bold vision for what he wants and he’ll take his fight to “whoever needs it the most.” EC3 is confident in his abilities and says very ‘optimistic’ about the decisions he’s made for his future, but it all starts with fighting for himself.

“I’m telling you, literally—the second it hits midnight and I’m free from my past contractual obligations, I am getting into a fight.”

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