Tony Khan
Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

Tony Khan Explains How South Park Inspired Fight For The Fallen’s Set

Ahead of tonight’s AEW Fight for the Fallen event, Tony Khan joined SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio where he discussed the surprising television show he drew inspiration from for the Fight for the Fallen set.

When asked about his original vision for the set being based on an episode of South Park, Khan admitted he did enjoy one particular set. “Yeah, the W.T.F. episode of South Park, the Wrestling Takedown Federation is their backyard company in South Park,” he said.

After the inaugural Fight For The Fallen event last year, Khan posted a side-by-side photo for reference to confirm that South Park was his source of inspiration. (The episode is the tenth episode of season thirteen and it was called ‘W.T.F.’, a parody of WWE and it features the boys putting on their own performance of ‘Smackdown’.)

He went into detail on Busted Open, explaining how his vision became a reality at Daily’s Place.

“They had a set, the way they set up behind their house, they set up bleachers in the backyard, but the way it looked was like theater in the round kind of. And that was the amphitheater feeling that I wanted to create, so instead of putting the ring up on the stage where it would only be exposed to one side, we would put the ring down in the pit…and instead of using it as a mosh pit, we could put a ring down there.”

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