jon moxley
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Taz Throws In The Towel After Jon Moxley Armbars Brian Cage

In the main event of AEW Fight for the Fallen, Jon Moxley put his All Elite Wrestling Championship on the line against Brian Cage.

No love was lost between the two and the match was a highly physical affair throughout. In the middle of the match, Moxley tried to hit a Paradigm Shift on a piece of the barricade but Cage was able to reverse it and suplexed Moxley into it instead. However, that wasn’t enough for Cage to win the title.

The beginning of the end of the brutal title match came after Cage went to the top rope and whiffed on a moonsault. Moxley was able to capitalize and landed several big knees against the challenger. Mox then hit a paradigm shift, although without the lift, but Cage was able to kick out. The champ then hit a huge superplex and then locked in a kimura. Cage powered out of it and then buckle bombed Moxley. Cage hit a superplex of his own and then went for a Drill Claw but Moxley countered it into an armbar that forced Taz to throw in the towel.

After the bout, Cage hit Moxley with the FTW belt and assaulted him until the lights went out. Darby Allin then appeared and ran off Cage.

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