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EC3 Explains Why His Main Roster Call-Up Felt ‘Incorrect’, Why He Didn’t Drop His ‘TNA’ Name In WWE

EC3‘s WWE tenure has often been a subject of debate about how they screwed up his character, and now the man himself explained why the whole thing felt off.

EC3 took part in a Reddit AMA this afternoon and was asked about his hopes for his main roster debut and if he wanted to be called up. He replied by saying the roster move felt unwarranted because he was not only injured, but his promos were rushed as well.

“It felt unwarranted and inauthentic because I didn’t feel it was earned and I was also injured when I got the call up, which baffled me. I thought there was a point or purpose but should’ve realized there wasn’t when my vignette was rushed and shot in my actual (although very nice high rise) condo.

It wasn’t a moment of accomplishment, it felt… incorrect.”

When asked about an opportunity he could have used to change his success, EC3 said he should have thought more about himself and less about being professional by turning down the call-up. He also added that his dream job didn’t necessarily mean it had to be in WWE, but how he did his job as a wrestler.

“Realizing the dream isn’t where you do it, but how. Took me a second run to realize that.

Declining the call up because I was injured and didn’t feel comfortable working yet. Being less professional and more selfish.”

On a lighter note, EC3 was asked why he didn’t drop his name upon arriving in WWE since it is “tied directly” to Dixie Carter and TNA. EC3 explained that he wasn’t a “Carter” in name and that it was still a fitting moniker for a multitude of reasons.

“Have you seen the names they make up? Seriously.

ec3 was not ethan carter the third. I’ve never once used it as that, especially when I left.

ec3 has a ring to it, its easy to chant, its easy to make a sign for, i love roman numerals, I also trade marked it.

Did The Undertaker change his name when he stopped being a literal undertaker, or is it better business to evolve a brand thats somewhat recognizable over starting a new one.

Maybe if I was Chet Buffman I’d be a 5x WWE champion by now?”

EC3 recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo about his next move in the world of professional wrestling, taking control of his own narrative, where we could see him end up, why he’s not completely sold on nostalgia in wrestling and much more.

EC3 is one of many names that professional wrestling fans are keeping their eyes on, waiting to see his latest message and where he’ll show up next. Released by WWE on April 15, EC3 has been open about becoming “free” to control his narrative, and now says he’s not as focused on what company he signs with so much as where he’s going to be given the best creative outlet.

“I think the mental perspective as far as [people asking] ‘where are you going to work next? What promotion are you going to work for? What television show are you going to be on?‘—it’s lost on me. It doesn’t matter. What I’m doing now is becoming who I want to be and I know that by giving myself to somebody else—my talents, abilities, creativity, my brain, my body—I’ll never be able to be fully in control of who I’m portrayed as. I realize now that this isn’t about money for me at all or who is offering the best deal,” EC3 said, “it’s about which place provides me the best opportunity to be who I want to be, to fight how I want to fight, ‘entertain’ how I want to ‘entertain.’”

Check out the full interview below:

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