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‘To Hell With All These Hashtags’: Booker T Responds To Criticism After Giving Naomi Feedback

Booker T doesn’t thinks social media movements are the way to roll for wrestlers if they’re aiming to get themselves over and the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer said as much about WWE star Naomi after the #NaomiDeservesBetter movement caught fire.

Booker received blowback from said channels when he expressed hashtag movements on the Internet won’t do the talented competitor any favors. Instead, for one to really acquire their stardom, they have to do so by earning it on their own merit. Booker didn’t shy away from those comments on the latest episode of The Hall Of Fame with co-host Brad Gilmore.

“I said to hell with all of these hashtags. That’s what I said,” Booker T states. “Maybe because I am old school and I can’t see myself, back in the day, we did have the dirt sheets and could have easily got in the dirt sheets by saying something. I just couldn’t see myself using social media on that platform to try to move up in the business and especially if you’re talented.”

“I said Naomi is probably the most athletic female in the locker room and perhaps anywhere in the world as far as the wrestling business goes, but as far as making it to the level, it is channels you gotta go through, it is a learning curve and really in-depth studying you have to go through to actually get to that point. Trust me, it doesn’t happen by accident just because you can go out and do a back flip or a big move. It’s not about the moves guys! It’s really not. I always think about what was told of me by guys like Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboats and that stuff it resonated,” he said.

“Anybody out in the world that’s trying to get into this business, if you think someone like Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat cannot help you learn this business better, even still today, okay. That’s your opinion.”

Booker also cites legendary NBA coaches like Pat Riley and Gregg Popovich as individuals who had plenty of experience on the basketball court despite not being a top player, but they were around the guys on the court. They knew what it took to get to that level.

“I’m gonna end it on this,” Booker said, “If you think I can’t help you at all and that’s all I’m trying to do is help you get to the next level. You think the guys on the Internet, on social media can help you more than I do, go that route. I’m gonna leave it at that.”

Gilmore adds that he thought it was weird to see some of the reaction because he thinks everything Booker said wasn’t said with ill intent. Booker states that his primary criticism about it all was just it going through the social media channels.

“You know what it is, man? The truth hurts. The only thing I said more importantly than anything, the hashtag, the social media platform like ‘let’s rally behind this cause’ – you know what, man? The reason I say that, is I think she’s better than that. That’s why and if you don’t see that, I can’t do anything about that, but I just don’t think that’s the route one would want to take and get to that level and then look back and say, ‘Man, the movement was great,’ as opposed to ‘Damn it, I broke all barriers and I did everything I possibly could to do it and if I didn’t do it, hey, so be it,’ but I’m not fitting to get on social media and let social media be what drives me to be the best one in that locker room, male or female.”

Booker also made clear that his ability to help and teach the younger generation can speak for itself, but plenty of those students would speak on his behalf too. What he says he means and he hopes that viewers of the show can get some insight off of him today.

“Every young person that has come my way, if they can’t say Booker T tried to help them, they’re lying. I’m going to tell you that right now. I don’t know one and I’m going to tell you what, there’s a whole lot that can vouch for me and you know what? My opinion do count because y’all listening to it right now, you know what I’m saying. And that’s the bottom line to that right there because you know what? That’s real talk as far as I go. It’s real talk. It’s not anything sugar-coated. It’s not anything overlayed or anything like that, I’m gonna bring it to you straight, I’m gonna tell you straight up like it is and hopefully get something out of it and be able take it to the next level. So hopefully, this conversation right here somebody listen to it and go, ‘Ah man, let me figure out what I need to do, first and foremost, opposed to following these suckas on the Internet.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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