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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Otis Celebrates Tucker’s Birthday, 50 WWE Superstars’ First Trip Through Tables

Otis Celebrates Tucker’s Birthday

Otis has not recently been on SmackDown, and Tucker hasn’t been in even longer. Still, the two members of Heavy Machinery and WWE brothers have each other’s backs. In order to celebrate Tucky’s big 30th, Otis posted a video message talking about the first time they tagged in the company and other milestones they’ve achieved as a tandem.

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50 WWE Superstars’ First Trip Through Tables

WWE has comprised the first table spots for fifty different superstars into the latest episode of WWE Supercut. From Undertaker diving headfirst towards Kane to Stone Cold throwing care to the wind to Alexa Bliss knocking Becky off the turnbuckle, it’s an interesting trip through WWE-branded history. Moments that otherwise don’t stand the test of time have this unknown historical significance that bring them back to the surface.