Johnny Gargano
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Johnny Gargano Talks Villain Role In NXT, Kitchen Promos, More

NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano has a history of portraying both a babyface character and a heel character. Gargano recently sat down with to discuss various topics and you can see the highlights below.

On playing a villain role with Candice LeRae:

So much fun. It’s so cool to be able to work together and we’ve always wanted to work together. And we’ve always wanted a chance to kind of just be together on screen ’cause we haven’t had that yet. Obviously, the way things are going. And with life in general, eventually we’re going to have a baby. And the way that works out is Candice won’t be able to wrestle for a long time when she has the baby. So we wanted to take this opportunity to actually get a chance to work together, be on-screen together, and if we don’t get a chance again, and we want to make the most of it.

On the kitchen table promos the pair have been doing:

So the way it works is so we pitched the dinner theme. That was us. I think the idea for us to film over on the couch or something like that, we’re like, ‘No, let’s do it at dinner.’ I think we were going to be celebrating, let’s have a dinner scene. And then we were like, ‘Oh, we should put the cup on the table, we should put the cup in a glass case,’ And then the guy who actually edits the promos, his name is Dustin. He came up with the idea for like the switch in dynamic to where the screen would go to a different color. Because we wanted to kind of show that yes, we’re this lovable fun couple. And I think there’s this little demeanor where we might have skeletons in the closet, I think that switch show is just a vast difference.

On a Marvel power couple he would like to portray on TV:

I’ve been saying our vibe on television, and I brought this up to her, is kind of very Star-Lord and Gomorrah-esque. And we didn’t even mean to do that, as we would kind of just, that’s what we leaned into and that’s kind of just what happened. Her as this kind of, kind of serious, tough, like butt-kicker. And I’m kind of the more goofy, kind of having fun, kind of.

Take a look at the entire interview here.

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