AEW Dynamite Results

AEW Dynamite Results (7/29) – Matt Cardona & Ariane Andrew Debut, Mox & Darby Get Revenge On Team Taz

AEW Dynamite Results

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The Inner Circle vs. Best Friends & Friends

Orange connects with some lethal kicks to Hager early on, then Check splashes the Inner Circle on the floor before Luchasaurus charges towards the apron. Jungle Boy hurricanranas Ortiz off the apron, then Marko Stunt joins the fray as Luchasaurus tosses him at the opposing team. Marko then jumps on Lucha’s back and they both dive towards Inner Circle, and Orange then enthusiastically claps to rile up the crowd and hits the ropes. He puts on his shades before getting a group hug, then Sammy Guevara jumps in and gets caught with one of Orange’s kicks. Luchasaurus kicks him before everyone splashes him in the corner, but Hager jumps in and clubs the opposition before Inner Circle gains control.

Hager works over Trent in the middle of the ring but he ends up getting help from Cassidy, who unloads with some flying forearms. Santana and Jericho keep things in their favor, but Luchasaurus takes down Sammy with the Spinning Lizard as Jericho goes for his baseball bat. Jericho gets yanked off the ramp as Sammy kicks Luchasaurus’ knees, but a timely distraction from Matt Hardy and a pump kick from Luchasaurus makes the difference.

Winners – Best Friends & Friends 

Jon Moxley cuts a promo about punk bitches… which brings him to Ricky Starks, who got mixed up with the wrong crowd. He says they’ll see how tough he is tonight and he’s going to finish this fight.

TNT Championship

Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Warhorse

Warhorse throws a few chops and charges Cody, then he gets caught with a quick slam before Warhorse goes for a clothesline. Cody takes a break outside, then he applies a side headlock and works over Warhorse’s legs. Cody hits a superplex during the break before applying a leglock, then he goes for a Figure Four but Warhorse reverses it. Warhorse ends up hitting a top rope elbow drop, then Cody regains control and takes Warhorse’s legs out and goes for another Figure Four. Warhorse rolls him up and gets two, then he punches Cody in the stomach and kicks him in the face after Cody charges the corner. Warhorse jumps off of the turnbuckles and goes for a kick but lands awkwardly on his knee, and Cody once again targets his knee. Warhorse tries to counter but Cody kicks him in the knee and makes him tap to the Figure Four.

Winner – Cody Rhodes

The Dark Order attacks Cody and Arn Anderson looks to help out, but the debuting Matt Cardona runs out and makes the save. He hits the Rough Ryder and clears the ring, then shakes Cody’s hand.

Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle come out to the stage and interrupt Tony Schiavone’s promo, announcing that Jericho will face Orange Cassidy again in two weeks. He says he’s going to make Cassidy pay for his jacket, then says next week they’ll have a debate on Dynamite.

Tony Schiavone is also seen in footage from earlier today, where FTR is ready to sign their AEW contracts. They introduce Arn Anderson as their wrestling advisor, who says everything looks good to go. FTR says this is their way to getting a Tag Team Championship match, and they will also be hosting a “Tag Team Appreciation Night” on August 12. Adam Page comes in and pours them some drinks, and they toast after FTR officially signs on with the company.

AEW World Tag Team Championship

Adam Page & Kenny Omega (c) vs. Dark Order 

Page and Omega start with the upper hand but Uno quickly takes Page down and bites his hand. Uno and Stu continue to work Page over in the corner as we go to a break, then Omega gets the tag and some quick offense including a moonsault. He goes for a V-Trigger and gets taken down before he can connect, then Stu and Uno work him over before Page gets the tag again.

The champs keep trying to get some steady offense in but Dark Order keeps them down, including a diving senton for two as Brodie Lee starts pacing on the stage. Omega hits Uno with a dragon suplex and immediately gets hit with a frog splash from Stu, then Hangman makes the save and gets some quick offense in as Omega hits a V-Trigger for a two count. Page and Omega regain their composure as Stu gets knocked outside, then they hit a V-Trigger / Buckshot combo for the win.

Winners – Adam Page & Kenny Omega

Brodie Lee chases Colt Cabana off and sends Anna Jay backstage, then he chokes Stu Grayson and notices Hangman laughing at him. Brodie says Hangman has his friends right now but this isn’t the full power of the Dark Order, noting they have people everywhere. A bunch of masked men surround the ring, but FTR runs out and hits Brodie with their beer cooler before helping clear the ringside area.

Britt Baker says she’s sick of Big Swole and they can face off in the ring… if Swole beats an opponent of her choosing first.

AEW Women’s Championship

Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Diamante 

Shida and Diamante slug it out before Shida goes for a suplex, but Diamante floats over and hits the ropes. Shida knees her in the face. Diamante regains control and stomps Shida a few times, then she hits a cutter before Shida makes a comeback and knees Diamante in the face to pick up the win.

Winner – Hikaru Shida

The rules for the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament are revealed, and Nyla Rose chooses purple to determine her tag partner. Ariane Andrew is revealed as the other person who picked purple, and says GIRL HI to her new ally!

MJF comes to the ring with an entourage and he says there’s a reason why he’s never seen on the show two weeks in a row, and it’s because someone feels threatened by him. MJF calls out AEW for talking about change… or a Paradigm Shift… and says Jon Moxley is not leading by example. He says ‘Wrestling’ is in the name but things aren’t going down like they should, then he calls Moxley a dictator and says it’s all about ratings. MJF goes on a rant about talent and tenure and the world dying, making it sound like a political speech. He says he’s going to lead AEW for the next 25 years and he’s announcing his “candidacy” for the AEW World Championship at All Out.

Tornado Tag Match

Jon Moxley & Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks

Darby Allin’s music cues up but he doesn’t show up, then Moxley makes his entrance before Taz cuts a promo with Cage and Starks. They make their way to the ring but Darby dives on them from the entrance ramp as Taz screams that they were set up. Mox and Darby go for a powerbomb spot on a trash can but Starks spears Darby off the apron, then Cage tackles Mox and helps Starks assert control. Cage ends up hitting a front slam on Mox while he also powerbombs Darby, then Mox makes a comeback and applies a cross armbreaker. Starks attacks Darby and Cage throws him a trash can, and they attempt a double suplex but Mox blocks it. He hits the ropes and kicks them, but Starks and Cage hit a double spinebuster onto the trash can before they work Darby over in the corner.

Darby leaps back and Cage catches him, but Cage throws him into the corner just as Mox runs back over. Darby catches Cage with a Coffin Drop for two, then Darby smashes the trash can over Cage’s arm. Darby grabs a skateboard covered in thumbtacks and brings it to the top rope, then Mox locks Cage in a cross armbreaker on the apron as Darby stomps the board over Starks’ back, earning the win.

Winners – Jon Moxley & Darby Allin

After the match, it’s announced that Darby will challenge Moxley next week and they have a face-off to end the show.