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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Allie Reflects On Regaining Her Confidence As A Wrestler In AEW

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Allie took some time early Tuesday morning to get in her feels and appreciate how far she’s come in her wrestling journey.

Allie, who has been a professional wrestler for years, is now on a global stage with All Elite Wrestling but she did not get there overnight. On Twitter, she opened up in a three-part thread about how much it means to her to be where she is in wrestling now.

“Warning, I’m in my feels… I’ve always tried to be honest with my struggles so here we go… Last year, I was feeling pretty lost. A piece of my confidence was missing and I felt like an imposter. I was doubting myself and the work I had put into wrestling.
“I was afraid to admit how shaky my confidence was, how unsure of myself I was feeling. I thought if I just kept faking it, I would overcome it and I would be fine. That didn’t work. What DID help was communicating how I was feeling to my friends, loved ones & coaches.
“It took a lot of work but I’m finally feeling like myself again. I feel incredibly blessed to work for a company where people care about me and want to help me be my best. I tear up after every match because I’m just so happy to be wrestling.”

Allie and Brandi Rhodes, The Nightmare Sisters, recently qualified for the finals of the AEW Deadly Draw women’s tag team tournament. They will face Diamante and Ivelisse in the finals of this coming Saturday on a special episode of Dynamite on TNT.