Primo Colon Says WWE Release ‘Was The Right Decision’ From A Business Standpoint

Recently, former WWE superstar Primo Colon spoke with the Miami Herald to discuss his release from the company in April. During the interview, Primo spoke about his departure, and said he didn’t hold any ill will towards the company.

“When you’re not used on TV, I mean who gets let go, released or furloughed, whatever you wanna call it, it’s very rare that you don’t expect it so, I mean if I was a businessman and I’m not using so-and-so, I don’t blame them. I have no ill will towards them. As a business standpoint, that was the right decision to do,” he said (transcription via Post Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson).

Primo went on to talk about NXT, and the many talents that WWE currently has, and why he feels the “surprise factor” isn’t there when stars eventually make their way onto the bigger brands. “The only drawback I have about it is when somebody debuts to the big leagues, being SmackDown or RAW, people already know them, so there’s no Ahhs, there’s no surprise, there’s no, ‘Who’s this?’ There’s no intrigue. Like okay, I wanna know who he is or who she is, what they’re about and what they’re capable of, because they’ve already seen it in NXT. So I think WWE kinda loses their surprise factor if you will.”

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