WWE SummerSlam Results

Robert Stone Stars In ‘We Bought A Gym’, Superstars’ First SummerSlam Matchups

Robert Stone Stars In ‘We Bought A Gym’

The Robert Stone Brand has expanded beyond professional wrestling and into the field of gym ownership. Advertised to be opening this Fall, F45 Training is located in Baldwin Park, Florida, just a short drive from Full Sail and the NXT festivities. Will the manager set up training sessions for his clients at the new location? Could we see a cinematic match at the gym? Most importantly of all, will the gym have a “No Tanks Allowed” policy?

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Superstars’ First SummerSlam Matchups

The latest episode of WWE Playlist highlights the first matches for many WWE legends at the Biggest Party of the Summer. See Rey Mysterio jump Kurt Angle from behind, AJ Styles beating up John Cena and Brock taking down Rock in this fun trip down memory lane.