AEW Dynamite Results

AEW Dynamite Results (8/22/20)

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AEW Dynamite, August 22, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Taz


Private Party vs. FTR (with Tully Blanchard)

Tully Blanchard accompanies FTR. Aubrey Edwards restores order as the match begins a little rough. Dax is still sporting his knee brace as he and Marq Quen go back and forth. The speed betters Dax and the team goes for a powder.

Dax eye rakes Quen as Dash distracts Aubrey.  Double team knee move in the corner by FTR. Quen soon tags in Isiah and Private Party finding their rhythm against Dax. Atomic Drop turned to an enziguri followed up by a camel clutch double foot stomp downs Dax.

Quen gets cornered but he knocks both Dax and Dash off. Dash gets the tag and the two cut off the ring. Dash taunts IC and soon chokes Quen on the ropes.

Tags exchanged and the two deliver a drop toe-hold elbow drop to Quen.  Dax drags Quen’s face on the top rope. The two remain relentless as they gouge the face of Quen as IC watches on. Tully talks trash to Quen as he dangles from the second rope. Blanchard has a FTR jacket on.

Quen and Dax are in the center of the ring, but a double team by FTR gets a near fall. Dash has Quen down in the center of the ring with a chin lock. Chants for Quen begin.

Back suplex by Quen almost gets him to his partner but Dax gets the tag and tosses Quen to the outside. Quen however, finally tags in IC and he fires away at FTR.  An enziguri from the apron following by a flip cutter gets a two count. Justin Roberts announces ten minutes passing by.

Dax rolls up  IC for a pinfall but an errant tag makes Quen the legal man who crossbodies on top of Dax. Three pin attempts by Quen but it’s Dax who tags in Dash and after a few leap frogs delivers one crisp spinebuster that nearly beats Quen, but IC makes the save.

Tully pulls IC off the apron, allowing FTR to isolate once more. They hit a HIGH Goodnight Express for the W.


Moxley is backstage. People who feel the need to talk about themselves all the time really rubs him the wrong way. MJF talks a lot. What is he hiding? Mox says he is talented in every way. He thinks he’s the man for the next 25 years and Mox hopes he’s right because he wants to see AEW soar. He says one day he will become World Champion, but that isn’t September 5. He threatens to split MJF open. MJF will look for a way out and the whole world will find out what he’s been hiding.

MJF is shown wearing a neck brace. He says Mox attacked him from behind like a gutless coward. His actions have consequences. MJF gets emotional saying one day he’d like to have kids. MJF’s Attorney Mark Sterling says that the Paradigm Shift is a dangerous move and could possibily be deadly.

Last week they put a petition up online and it got five million signatures. All week they drew up the following contract that bans the Paradigm Shift from his match at All Out. Sterling calls Mox a badass and asks why he needs one move to win? He threatens to sue him so hard he’ll have to part his hair to poop.


Jurassic Express & Natural Nightmares vs. Butcher & Blade & Lucha Bros.

Chaos on the outside starts the match as Butcher & Blade work on QT Marshall. Dustin soon comes in with hot fire offense as he grounds The Blade with an arm wrench leg drop. Dustin gets ganged up on by the three remaining opponents before sending him back to The Blade. Double headbutt by Butcher & Blade. Butcher is the legal man as he chokes away at The Natural.

Penta gets his shots in as he taunts his opponents. He tags in Rey Fenix who springboard axe-handles Dustin. Commercial break to picture-in-picture.

Back from break, in comes Luchasaurus who annihilates his foes as Jungle Boy dives back and forth onto the outside. Hard roundhouse to Penta, then a chokeslam and standing moonsault to Penta gets a near fall. Butcher and Blade gang up on Saurus. QT gives a Diamond Cutter, but Penta sling blades him out of the question. Fenix kicks in and then Dustin hits his Canadian Destroyer on Fenix. Penta and Blade begin to argue and Penta shoves Blade into a schoolboy by Jungle Boy. It’s good for the win.

WINNERS: Jurassic Express & The Natural Nightmares

Post-match, out comes Eddie Kingston to play peacemaker between the losing team. He says they all were on the indies together. He asks them why they aren’t tag champs. He makes his rounds and gives praise to each and every one of them. He tells them all to group hug. As they do so, Eddie winks at the camera.

Britt is in the Jaguars’ room and offers Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford for free dental care and free make-up by “Reba” for a year if they help her out against Big Swole.

Orange Cassidy Interview Segment

Tony Schiavone invites Orange out to speak who is joined by The Best Friends. Tony asks Orange for his comments after his win against Jericho last week, but Le Champion makes his way out. Jericho congratulates Orange for beating him. He says it’s pretty rare he’s gotten beaten in AEW. Only three times to be precise and Cassidy is the latest one. While he may be embarrassed he’s also proud of Orange. He proved that he’s learning from Chris and he’s learning that Orange has heart. He wants to toast Cassidy, but before he does, he wants to have a rubber match with him. He wants to take it to another level. He wants to make it a “Mimosa Mayhem Match.” He then directs the to jumbtron. The way you win is by throwing your opponent in a huge tank of Mimosas or by pinfall or submission. “On September 5 at All Out, do you accept the challenge: Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy 3 in a Mimosa Mayhem Match?” Thumbs up from Orange. He then goes to toast Orange but invites Inner Circle out. The Inner Circle climbs the apron and Jericho toasts Orange before summoning his cronies to attack Orange, Trent and Chuck. It’s capitalized by a Judas Effect. They hang Orange upside down as they dump champagne onto him.


The Dark Order vs. The Young Bucks

Nick and V start things off who fight on the entryway briefly before taking their athleticism to the ring. Tag to Matt dropkicks V and Reynolds down. Several Northern Lights Suplexes by Matt. Tag into Kenny. Hard chop to Angels before a triple-team facebuster. Bucks dive onto the remaining members on the outside as Kenny chops Angels over and over.  SIlver stops Kenny from a moonsault as Reynolds assaults him with a chair. Chaos ensues on the outside.

Dark Order then focuses on Kenny. Silver beats him up in the corner as we cut to picture-in-picture.

Back from break, it’s Nick on the attack. Lungblower onto Reynolds before a bulldog dropkick combo by the Jacksons. The action swings back and forth between the two teams. Dark Order get a very quick  near fall after a swift sequence on Omega. Kenny comes back and knees Reynolds before tagging in Matt. Bucks go for the Meltzer Driver but Dark Order reverses it into double tombstones. Angels gets a pin attempt on Matt but Kenny breaks it up before the third count.

Matt fights off the Dark Order and The Bucks catch a superkick onto Angels.

They hit an Indytaker on Silver before Kenny hits his One-Winged Angel for the W.

WINNERS: The Elite

Post-match, Kenny props a chair upside down and is ready to powerbomb Silver on top of it, but Matt stops him. They argue briefly before celebrating.

Alex Marvez talks about the AEW Tag Title Gauntlet Match next week involving The Bucks, The Natural Nightmares, The FTR and The Best Friends. FTR talks about their alliance with Tully as he puts over them in the upcoming gauntlet. In comes an irate Hangman after their actions last week. He said their attack on The Rock ‘N Roll Express was because they turned their backs on them to show disrespect, and Dax faked a knee injury to test The Bucks, Kenny and Hangman.  They pitch the hypothetical of Hangman losing his Tag Titles and going back in The Bucks’ shadow. Hangman reluctantly toasts with the three.


Darby Allin vs. Will Hobbs

Darby gets right to action as he dropkicks Hobbs out before diving onto Hobbs. Hobbs gets back in the ring and the bell tolls. Hobbs shows his power but Darby shakes free and buckles the back knee of his foe. Hobbs however, back body drops Darby high before pancaking him down. “I need this!” Hobbs yells at Darby.

He grabs Darby by the legs and drops him down very hard onto the canvas. The two get center ring as they exchange blows, which the bigger Hobbs gets the better of. Hard spinebuster gets a near fall.

Hobb hoists Darby up for a powerslam but Darby flip cutters it before a coffin drop off the ropes and then a Coffin Drop off the top rope for the W.

WINNER: Darby Allin

Post-match, Taz gets on the mic. He says Team Taz is flourishing and announces the newest member, he’s also named “Darby.” It’s Ricky Starks. He mocks Darby with a dour delivery. As he continues to play it up, Cage comes from behind to attack. Stark gets in Darby’s face and says he doesn’t need facepaint, and tells him that he’s “Absolute” Ricky Starks. Starks then drags Darby over so Starks can Coffin Drop him from the second rope.

During the commercial, Matt Hardy attacks Sammy Guevara before throwing him off the stage through a table. JR says that he’s never seen Matt like this. Matt grabs a heavier chair as he looks to do the same to Sammy as officials stop him. Doc Sampson comes out to escort Sammy

Thunder Rosa shows up! The NWA Women’s Worlds Champion calls out Hikaru Shida and challenges her at All Out for the AEW Women’s Championship!


Deadly Draw Finals

Diamante & Ivelisse vs. The Nightmare Sisters

Veda Scott joins commentary. Brandi and Ivelisse start it off. The two exchange words before locking up. They take the action to the canvas. Brandi taunts Ivelisse after getting the better of her. Hard kicks by Ivelisse before tagging in Diamante. Double hip toss. Cover, but a quick kick-out by Brandi. Allie gets the tag. She sends Diamante in the corner before feeding her knees. Diamante arm drags Allie down.

Allie manages to dump Diamante out as they go to picture-in-picture for a third time.

Back from break, Allie has Diamante on the top rope in their own corner, but Diamante fights Brandi off before hitting a tornado suplex onto Allie.  Diamante crawls to tag in Ivelisse and does who is on fire. Brandi gets up, takes a swing, but gets slammed down several times before Ivelisse gets a pin attempt. Kick out. Diamante gets tagged in but gets speared by Brandi. Allie comes in and goes for a cover, but Ivelisse break it up. Allie runs into a back elbow from Diamante. Ivelisse gets a tag. They look to finish off Allie, but QRT hopes on the apron. Ivelisse knocks him down and they eventually manage to secure the Cup victory after pinning Allie when she gets a hard kick from Ivelisse.

WINNERS & AEW Women’s  Cup  Champions: Ivelisse & Diamante


AEW TNT Championship Match

Brodie Lee vs. Cody Rhodes (c)

Cody comes in kicking. Hard dropkick by Brodie before he dumps Cody out.  He focuses on the shoulder of Cody before plowing him into the guardrail. Brodie soon takes his head off with a lariat and the match is over.

WINNER & NEW TNT Champion: Brodie Lee

Post-match, The Dark Order completely assaults all of the Nightmare Family including Dustin, Brandi (attacked by Anna Jay) and Arn Anderson. Cody was stretchered off but Brodie and his minions continued their attack to close the show.