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AJ Styles’ Kid Doesn’t Watch WWE Anymore, Asuka Celebrates Title Win With Noodles

AJ’s Kid Doesn’t Watch WWE Anymore

As part of one of AJ Styles’ many gaming live streams, he was answering questions alongside his son. When a question about RAW Underground came up, he got that name confused with WWE 2K Battlegrounds, the name of an upcoming video game. He expressed interest in that, and then asked his sone about RAW Underground, to which the son responded “I don’t watch WWE anymore.” It’s a cute mixup, although I’m sure Styles would have preferred if it hadn’t have happened.

AJ Styles’ son says he doesn’t watch WWE anymore after AJ asks him about Raw Underground from SquaredCircle

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Asuka Celebrates Title Win With Noodles

Viewers of WWE SummerSlam last night may have noticed that Asuka’s second title match against Sasha Banks was sponsored by Cup Noodles. It was a brief mention on-air, but was likely expanded upon in international markets where the product is more popular. Asuka filmed some sort of promotional video featuring the brand after her title win, which WWE posted on their YouTube page in the States. If you ever wanted to see the RAW Women’s Champion dressed like one of Adam Rose’s partygoers, this is the video for you: