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Virgil On Working With Ted DiBiase, Not Being Included In The nWo’s Hall of Fame Induction

Virgil recently spoke with Lee Walker of Sportskeeda Wrestling. During the interview, he reflected on his career, including his work with Ted DiBiase. Here are some highlights:

On whether he and Ted DiBiase threw real money at the crowd:

Virgil: “That was 100% real money, man. I had to go to Vince McMahon to get $20,000 in [one] hundred dollar bills to throw out to the people. I really had to get it from Gorilla Monsoon and we handed the bills out to all the people.”

On working with top stars right away:

Virgil: “I mean, it was great, man, it was beautiful. You know what I mean? When I came in, I had to learn and I had to pick up quick. The best way to pick up, you’re working with the best guys in the business. That’s a great way to pick up.”

On not being included in the nWo’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame:

Virgil: “I guess, I mean I don’t know, maybe the next induction, maybe wait until a down year, okay, where they want to bring in the other part of the original nWo, okay, because I got the original picture [of the group] right here.”

The full video is available here:

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